Cats have a connection to the world of magic, invisible. As well as dogs are our guardians in the physical world, cats are our protectors in the energy world.


During the time he is awake, cat cleans your home of negative energy that may exist and while you're sleeping filters and transforms the energy, as it would commonly say: put everything on your website.

There are many occasions in which we see a cat facing infinity, as concentrated at a point... possibly be seeing things that we we are not able to see, it can be from insects to beings from another dimension.


If there is a cat in your home you've realized that there are many times in which is to look at a place isolated from the House, possibly not only you're looking for your attention, but it is giving you a sort of alert on energy to improve at this place of the House.


Many times your cat goes to a place isolated from the Houseand begins to Meow; It is not only attention he wants, it is a kind of warning that he is giving: the quality of energy in that place needs to improve. Our problems, our daily stress is absorbed by the cat. When is too much and the place is very loaded with negative energy, it is not uncommon that the cat gets sick. Clear that the cat is not solely responsible for the energy balance of the House, but rather he strives. How much more harmony exists in your environment, less negative energy it will need to filter and as a result will be happier, healthier.


>When we sleep our Astral bodies are separated from the physical body and going for a fifth dimension, the dimension without time and space: the dimension in which we are when we dream. Due to lack of training and preparation, great most of the time do not see this dimension as she is, instead of that "disguise" and encode as our unconscious and psychic content. Cats often accompany us in these astral travel or protect our astral body, in addition to caring for our piece of unwanted spirits when we are sleeping. These are the reasons why they like to sleep in the bed with us.


Cats also monitor our evolution. During its coexistence with us, they transmit information to the higher dimensions, serving as radar and transmitters. In addition, as power transformers they help in healing, playing a role similar to the one of the crystals.


Cats, contrary to what has always been told, are not selfish, teach us to love in a free way and without submission, actually respect all others and do not consider evil, even if it seems otherwise to be evasive. Why so many people have difficulty living with cats and find them "interested". First, you have to conquer the trust of the cat. Then, you have to learn to respect it. It will show you affection when you are really ready and not when you send it. Cats reflect love. From the energy point of view, people who have an allergy to cats are people who have difficulty in let in the love of their lives. According to Caroline Connor, if there are many people in the family and a single cat, it can be overloaded by absorbing all negativity. It is good to have more than one cat to split the load between them, especially in those cases.


If you don't have a cat, and suddenly one in your life, it is because you need a kitten at a specific time. Kitty is trying to help you. If you can not receive it, it is important that you find a home. Kitty came to you for some reason that you can not understand at a physical level, but you can find it through dreams.

Many times Kitty appears, its role and leaves.Stay tuned to the way how cats react to visits at home. Many times they are trying to protect yourself from a negative or heavy energy field.




Why are cat owners healthier than other people?



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