Why are cat owners healthier than other people?

"You may wonder this question, but there are obvious evidence that it: owning a cat is good for our health."

There are two reasons to corroborate this claim. First, it is well known that friendly physical contact with cats very notorious reduces stress on the persons accompanying them. The relationship between man and cat is moving within the meaning of the word reciprocity. The cat rubs against the body of his master, and owner cherishes and smooths the fur of the cat. If these owners are subjected in the laboratory tests to check their physiological responses, discovered that their body systems are relaxed and calmed a noticeably when the Act of Petting cats. Assuaging their stress and relax their bodies.

This form of feline therapy is not fruit of the imagination of some academic with excess of enthusiasm. It has been shown in practice in a number of acute cases, that improved some mental patients in an amazing way, after allowing the company's domestic cats. More than once we relax by the simple and honest relationship with Jack. This is the second reason that proves the beneficial impact of the feline on the human being. It is not only the touch, by important this can be. It is also a matter of psychological relationship, a class that lacks the complexities, betrayals and contradictions of human actions.

We were all marked by certain human relations occasionally, some in more acute way, others of more shallow form. That have been serious mental scars can find it difficult to believe in someone. For them, a link to a cat can provide rewards so large that returned them to faith in human relations, will destroy your cynicism and your suspicion, and at the same time will cure his hidden scars. In the United States, a recent study has revealed that, for those whose stress had led them to heart disorders, own a cat could, literally the difference between life and death, reducing blood pressure and relaxing a very overloaded heart "



"Desmon Morris"






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